Among everything said and not said concerning the act of terrorism committed in Brindisi, there was the suggestion of an anarchist link. Being neither cops nor investigators, we are not hunting for the perpetrators, but we do want to firmly state that such an ethically contemptible act certainly has some other paternity. If the use of violence might be necessary for anarchists, it must always bear in mind the coherence that exists between means and ends. Slaying a symbol of power is very different from carrying out massacres of unarmed students.

In addition, a consideration should be made of the instrumentalization that the State will make of such an occurrence. A real godsend for a State already in crisis, with credibility at its lowest ebb, and despised by the vast majority of its subjects who increasingly identify it for what it really is: a bunch of bureaucrats servants of world Capital castled in their fortress and surrounded by immense privileges, fruit of the oppression of the rest of the population. Following the terrorist act, the terrorist State propaganda began, aimed at instilling fear in its citizens with the only aim of pushing them to ask for protection from a State that they now despise, considering it the lesser evil in times of emergency. After having terrorized us with the “spread”, with the “default”, with the crisis, with the spectre of ending up like Greece, with rising unemployment, now they want us to go to the executioners to ask for protection against bombs outside schools. Under the pretext of this induced demand for protection they will introduce the latest emergency laws, increase control and repression, deploy the army in the streets, etc. And never mind if we have to renounce some of the already tight controlled freedoms they concede us.

We are living in a period of social unrest, in which any spark could undermine the deadly social order that they are imposing on us. It is not just anarchists and subversives who have had enough, but an ever-widening social stratum, just think of the widespread hatred against an institution such as Equitalia. Riding the emergency to increase repression is precisely the game the State intends to play. The Ministry of the Interior have stated that the Mafia does not kill that way; and they should know, given the closeness that exists between the State and the Mafia. It is probably true, but in this case, without whishing to make conspiracy theories, History teaches that, from piazza Fontana to piazza Della Loggia, from Bologna train station to “humanitarian missions” to the sound of bombs, only one other organ kills indiscriminately. The State.